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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

My Events


Have a peek in my events to see some of the things I do at Meditatie Amsterdam!

In the years I organise workshops, courses, open meditation evenings and retreats now, I litterally guided hundreds of people by learning to meditate, often from their very first experience with it. I gave a lot of meditation workshops the last few years and in 2,5 years about 200 different people visited my weekly meditation evenings. Also I wrote a book and launched the first Dutch podcast with meditation training.

Here is a short overview of some of my activities the last few years.


Janna (29) from Amsterdam

Program manager

The one-day meditation retreat was great and left me full of serenity and more space. We did several types of meditations throughout the day, with Roel kindly guiding us along the way. He is a great trainer and can really help you gain new insights and improve your practice.

Keef (41) from Amsterdam


With Roel’s approach and guidance I’ve come away from the evening sessions that little more connected and more composed. These sessions have helped me to slow down, and that by making time to mediate is just as important as any other part of my life. Roel has been a great help in helping me to make mediation part of my routine.

Sander (21) from Amsterdam

Student International Business & Management Studies

Thanks to Roel’s training Stress Management, I got new insights in how I can handle certain situations better and did I learn techniques that help me to achive calmness in stressful periods. I was happily surprised with the result and experienced it as a super interesting and informative workshop. Also my questions afterwards were answered completely.

Jessica (33) from Amsterdam

Asset manager

For his retreats Roel collects nice groups of people and that he also puts energy in making a well fitting program and finding a good location, is clearly visable. Roel brought us a variety of meditations during the retreat and because also the meals and all other things were very well taken care of, I could really let everything go during the weekend. Absolutely something to do again!

Simone (25) from Zurich

Physiotherapist and dancer

A workshop with Roel is not just learning about meditation, he gives you the tools to practically implementing what you learn in your life. After my first workshop my life looked different than before and it still looks different now. He has a unique way of teaching and explaining, very clear, easy to grab and approachable for the most different kind of people.

Arie (56) from Amsterdam

Language coach

In his clear and concrete approach Roel again and again lets me see where I tend to get distracted and lose contact with being conscious of what happens. He also taught me how to control my state of mind myself by using meditation. I regularly visit his open meditation evenings and each time it brings me closer to the essence of meditation and with that myself. Meditating in a group and with Roel’s guidance, tips and answers to our questions, deepens my meditation practice. I can clearly notice how this benefitted me in several areas of my life.