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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Meditation to improve your business profits

Every business needs healthy, stress resistant and productive employees. That’s why most organisations annually invest in increase of productivity (such as management and competence trainings) or prevention of sick leave and health promoting programs (such as fitness or massage during working hours). Meditation offers both. Employees that meditate have more energy, less stress and fatigue, show less sick leave and are more balanced, productive and creative. All of this benefits the business results and the atmosphere within the team.

Google does it, Apple does it, Sony does it and Twitter does it. All because they see positive results for their organisation every year again. How about your company?

Meditation is accessible, simple to implement and cost friendly. That it makes and keeps the employee productive and healthy means it can be your solution for some of the biggest challenges the modern business world has to cope with. Take a look at our offer for your organisation now!

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Meditatie Amsterdam doesn’t team up with all organisations

We want to contribute to a healthier and better world and therefore only work with companies that have a sincere interest in sustainability and contribute through their services and/or products in a positive way to society and the planet. Although meditation undoubtedly will have a positive contribution here, we do not team up with, among others, companies that produce alcohol, soft drinks and tobacco products, fast food concerns and organisations in the meat and dairy industry.

A solution for the challenges of the present times

Modern business is challenging and demanding. Stress is professional disease number 1 for many years aleready and the demand for mental performance as well as the expectations and pressure confronting the modern-day worker, are probably bigger than ever. At the same time the moments for relaxation and recovery become more scarce. Not only at work, also ouside of business hours. More and more people are struggeling with their mental balance nowadays.

What do the statistics show?

  • Data over 2016 from the doctors that work for businesses show that 42% of all reported occupational diseases was psychological, which indicated a further rise. The problems due to stress were already 1,5 times bigger than problems in the joints and muscles and stress and burn-out had the biggest share in that (74%). These are data over the total occupational population. For professions with mainly mental work the percentage psychological diseases was a lot higher, for the financial sector even around 95% (Data from the Dutch Centre for Occupational Diseases 2017). For 60% of the psychological diseases, sick leave was thereby longer than three months, what 4 years before was ‘just’ the case for 50% of them (NCVB 2013).
  • In 2016 more than 1 out of 7 employees experienced burn-out problems. That was mainly the case for employees between 25 and 35 years old. Here it was experienced by 16% of all men and 18% of the women. (Data CBS/TNO). Four years earlier the most represented group for burn-out was a lot higher: for men between 51 and 60 years old and for women between 41 and 50 years of age (NCVB 2013).
  • In 2017 16% of employees (15 to 75 years old) rapported to feel mentally fatigued at least a few times a month due to work, what in 2015 was 13% of the employees. Also here the biggest group was in the ages of 25 to 35 years old: here 19,5% experienced that, where two years before it still was 15% (CBS 2018). Among students these numbers are even higher (see here).
  • The survey Arbobalans of CBS/TNO (among 45.000 workers) of 2018, showed a clear increase in burn-out problems through the years; from 11% in 2007 to 16% in 2017. Sick leave by workers with burn-out problems that didn’t lead to inability to work, was with 37 days per year a lot more than the 6 days in average employees. Employees as well as employers indicate work pressure and stress as by far the biggest threat for health problems.
  • De Nationale Enquete Arbobalans 2018 onder ruimt 60.000 werknemers toonde dat het verzuim door stress verder toegenomen was en dit de belangrijkste reden was voor de toename van de verzuimkosten (10% meer dan het jaar ervoor wat zorgde voor een werkgeverskosten vanwege loondoorbetaling van 2,8 miljard euro, zo’n 8100 euro per werknemer). Verder bleek dat 1,3 miljoen werknemers last hadden van burn-outklachten.

  • The National Inquiry Work balance 2018 among 60.000 employees, showed that sick leave due to stress furtherly increased and that this was the main reason for the increase in costs (that were 10% more than the year before and the employers costs due to salary obligations went to 2,8 bilion euro, a 8100 euro per employee). Also it showed that 1,3 milion employees experienced burn-out problems.

The tendency of an increase of the psychological occupational diseases like stress and burn-out, mainly under the relative younger employees, showed itself already in previous years.

  • Research by CBS in 2014 showed that 2014 was the first year in history that stress and mental health problems caused more unemployment than physical problems like nek-back-headache pains, which was up to that point always the biggest group. For people under 25 it was even 85%.
  • According to data of the Institute for unemployement (UWV) end 2013, psychological problems were the most given diagnose with people given a fee for inability to work: half of them had a primary diagnosis a psychological disease and a lot of them was the result of severe stress.
  • Because in 2014 more than 1 in 3 employees took sick leave because of stress, (also seen by the research agency TNO), stress was declared occupational disease number 1 by the Dutch government (Rijksoverheid 2013)
  • Between 1998 and 2013 the amount of people unable to work because of psychological problems grew from around 30%, to almost 50%. Around 75% of that is due to stress. There were no indications for the inspection by the government that this trend would turn around. ‘On the contrary: the Inspection found indications that currently there are several factors that increase the risc of psychosocial stress during work.’ (Rijksoverheid – Inspectie Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid 2015).
  • The total amount of sick leave did not change much between 2009 and 2014, but the part caused by stress in 2014 was eight times higher than five years before (research under 1,1 million people by ArboNed).
  • Sick leave because of stress lasted in 2016, depending on severity, between five and a half and eight months on average. There was a renewed severity of stress and therefore the length of sick leave over 2015-2016 (ArboNed).
  • ‘Because one day of sick leave costs 250 euro, it is important to recognise and handle stress and psychological problems in an early stage’ (ArboNed 2016). That means a burn-out costs an organisation around 60.000 euro.
  • ‘Of the employees that recovered from sick leave due to stress, 28% will have to take sick leave again because of psychological complaints, mostly within twelve months’ (ArboNed 2016).

In spite of this, most companies still aim for the physical interventions like massage on the workfloor or fitness memberships when it comes to increasing health of decreasing sick leave.

Meditation in business

The statistics show that more mental calm and space is no luxury these days. Meditation does more than just help with increasing stress resistance and the recovery of stress or burn-out problems. Where in our society it is mainly used to calm down, meditation originally was more aimed at personal development.

Medition leads to increased productivity and mental performance. It does for the mind what sport does for the body; it makes it stronger and more flexible. Wherever you are at the scale below, meditation makes you move towards the right.

Optimal mental productivity, together with optimal mental health, are the basis of top performance and optimal business results. Meditation increases both. Companies often invest a lot of money in increasing the productivity of their employees. Courses and education are often only aimed at gaining knowledge and not so much on training the performance capacity of the mind and brain. Something where in the West, we actually don’t have any tools for. As far as I know, meditation is the only technique that has proven to increase the mental capacity and functioning.

The positive effects of meditation found by science are, among others:

  • Less stress
  • More stress resistance
  • Greater productivity
  • More concentration capacity
  • More creativity
  • More memory capacity
  • Faster working brain
  • Greater ability to stick to a task
  • Less distraction
  • Less errors
  • Quicker decision making
  • More information intake
  • More energy
  • Less fatigue
  • More entrepreneurship
  • Greater mental and physical health
  • Smaller chance of sick leave
  • Smaller chance of burn-out

For links to the research articles, go to the page Research. It is makes complete sense that meditation is seen more and more within the corprotare world. Organisations like Apple, Google and Twitter have meditation trainers at work for their employees and people like Steve Jobs, one of the most productive and creative minds of the last decades, make meditation a daily habit.

Meditation is a concrete, clear means to better performance for the individual worker and the complete team. Because it brings the attention past all obscuring thoughts and feelings that automatically arise and it brings clarity to the things that actually happen, meditation is all but esoteric. It makes the world and perception of it as concrete and clear as possible. It’s exactly this concrete feature of meditation that attracts higher educated people and the business world.

Also outside of the business world, meditation is used more and more. Because it increases concentration, efficiency and performance capacity when the pressure is high, also top athletes and elite military units incorprate it in their training programs. Thereby doctors prescribe meditation like mindfulness to their patients with stress, burn-outs and other problems.

Meditation in your organisation

Meditation can also benefit your company in reaching optimal business results. It increases productivity and helps employees that cope with stress or tension, to come to a better health balance. This is the reason that it can also be used as part of a reintegration process to return to work (except in the case of mental disorders that need medical treatment). Just like in the gym, everybody can participate in one and the same session and work toward his or her individual goal. If that is re-integration to work or achieving mental top performance doesn’t matter. In the end meditation within an organisation will bring wellbeing, mentally as well as physically, to everybody that attends.

Meditatie Amsterdam offers meditation in a concrete, clear and modern way within organisations, completely aligned with the dynamic and productive modern business.

Are you looking for a clear overview of what we do and meditation is and does for companies, or bring it under the attention of your employer? Click here for the brochure Meditation for companies by Meditatie Amsterdam.

Here you can find the Dutch version.

Request the free workshop for your HR department today to get to know who we are and what we do!

Download a free chapter of the book 'Meditatie, je dagelijkse minivakantie'

Do you want to start meditating through an easy to follow five step program, without having to invest to much time? Or are you looking for practical background information about how to meditate and integrate it into your life? Then order the book today!

Unfortunately this book is only available in Dutch. If you don’t master this interesting sounding language this book will make a great gift to the ones around you who do! If you are interested in my approach, you can all find it in my trainings. And they are available in English as well. If you do understand Dutch, here is a free chapter for you about what meditation is.

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Rachid (40) from Herten

Client Services Director

In his meditation trainings Roel knows how to preserve the power of the centuries old techniques and offers it in a very practical and nowadays way, exactly fitting into how modern business works. With my down-to-earth approach in life I was looking for something practical to apply to maintain balance in my busy career. And I found this here. Meditation increased my productivity and lowered my stress levels. I recommend it, especially in the form Roel offers it. Clear, concrete, practical to apply, also for men in suits.

Luigi (46) from Rotterdam

Hotel owner

Roel’s meditation training I experienced as clear, concrete and fully adjusted to the modern times. The practical techniques I received are easy to fit in to the busy life of an entrepreneur. Because you start to function more effectively and need less sleep, I noticed that in the end meditation even gave me more time and energy. I am convinced!

Maurice (43) from Amsterdam

Sustainable real estate entrepreneur

The meditation sessions with Roel give me the necessary grounding and a boost in energy. Both which I sometimes tend to lose in my often hectic life style. I always enjoy Roels to the point questions and the information and explanations he gives and with this he makes me learn and go deeper every time again. Every time I leave I feel calmer, lighter and with more energy. Roel has an open character and a grounded and soft personality and his meditations are always adjusted and in tune with the moment and the group. I would rate Roels meditation sessions with a A++

Bart (44) from Amsterdam


Roel’s meditation workshop gave me an in depth background of the practice and the theory is put directly into practice. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested!

Fraser (43) from Amsterdam

Creative director

Roel’s workshop gave me a concrete understanding of meditation and its benefits. In a relaxed setting with other like-minded people, we were taught the correct methods of meditation, which we could then put to use in our free times or during one of Roel’s meditation evenings. I’d recommend it.

Stijn (27) from Den Haag

Project manager

Roel guides you in a practical way into meditation and lets you experience calmness and silence. Through his explanations how to implement meditation in our busy western lives, I managed to make meditation a part of my daily routine and experience and feel the benefits of it every day again.