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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Meditation training for companies

Looking for meditation training within the organisation? Then your found the right partner for that!

We have a broad and specific training offer that we give inside of the company. This for meditation, but also on topics like stress management and improving the mental productivity, in which meditation can play an important role.

Organisations like Apple, Google and SAP have for many years already meditation trainers inside of their offices because they know that meditation helps their employees to stay optimally productive and healthy. Effective and cost friendly.

Meditatie Amsterdam helps you to implement the meditation offer quick and simple within your organisation.
Curious about our offer? Scroll down now!

The training offer

We know what the demands are for modern organisations and in our offer focus towards your needs. Each training is accessible for almost everybody (see conditions for participation at the bottom of this page). They are practical and backed up by scientific research. Every training is constantly under development and updated to the newest insights and research.

We stand for:

  • Concrete and contemporary
  • Down-to-earth and to the point
  • Clear, accessible and practical methods
  • Easy to apply
  • In-company training
  • Adjusted to the needs, requests and culture within the organisation

We always work custom-made and train inside of your company. Every training is adjusted to the wishes and culture of the organisation and if the presented offer doesn’t completely match what you are looking for, let us know and we’ll find a solution.

Training in-company lowers the threshold for the employees and prevents them being from work for longer than necessary. A fairly quiet room where we can put aside the furniture, is all we need.

Every training can be provided in Dutch, English or German

The prices mentioned below include all costs such as travel expenses (as long as your company address is within Amsterdam) and course material.

1. The workshop

As an introduction or part of a business event

This interactive meditation workshop is ideal as an introduction into meditation in business and a way to see how this subject resonates with the people that work in your organisation. It can be used as an extra gesture to the team or as an inspiring part of a business event and offers your employees a good basis to start meditating.

The main questions that will be answered in this workshop are what meditation is, why it is very concrete and not esoteric or religious and how the positive effects are backed up by scientific research. Also we dive deeper into how it can help in work and private life and how it fits perfectly fits within our busy society. Also we focus on how to implement meditation into our busy daily lives.

Of course we are going to practice the meditation technique as well, so that every participant can directly experience how it brings instant calmness and clarity whenever they need.

Also possible is an a bit broader approach through the workshops Dealing with stress, Mental health in the current busy and demanding times or Improving your mental productivity. Also here the positive effects of meditation are presented. An overview of the other workshops I teach, you can find over here.

Practical information:

Workshop length: 2 or 4 hours
Location: in-company (elsewhere also possible)
Group size: maximum 12 people
Costs: €699 (2 hours) or €999,- (4 hours) excluding VAT/BTW

2. The bootcamp or course

Give your team a healthy dose of meditation and a foundation to start with it for themselves

This multiple week training will be able to really see the effects of meditation in the organisation. We will dive into increase of productivity and creativity as well as decreasing stress and sick leave. It provides the participants with a good foundation to really experience and try, what benefits them as well as the company.

The course is eight weekly sessions of two hours. There is also a ‘light’ version with the six week bootcamp of one hour a week. Every session we will shed light on the basics of meditation and will spend time on the practice itself so everyone will start with training their focus and stress resistance. The participants will be provided with audios of the accessible meditation techniques we use to start meditating themselves if they want to.

Practical information:

Course length: for the course there are eight weekly sessions of two hours, the bootcamp consists of six weekly sessions of one hour
Location: in-company (elsewhere also possible)
Group size: maximum 12 people
Costs: €3.279,- excluding VAT/BTW for the course and €2.279,- excluding VAT/BTW for the bootcamp. This includes course material and audio files. If an external location is desired, these prices are without rent for this.

3. Regular meditation hours in the company

Give the employees structural access to meditation

A regular meditation offer is the best way to make meditation a integral part of the lives of your workforce and from that the employees and company experience the benefits. This can be started at any moment and is ideal after a solid introduction through a workshop or course. Many innovative organisations like Apple, Google and SAP see the positive results of meditation trainers inside the company in the data about productivity and sick leave.

Because of the accessibility of the regular meditation hours, the threshold to practice is low for a large group of people within the organisation. Also newly interested or newly employed people can easily join. 

The sessions are also ideal as part of a reintegration process for people that currently can’t work because of health problems. In this way they work on their recovery by investing in themselves and keep in touch with the company and their colleagues.

Er are two options; or a trainer visits you and guides meditation sessions inside the organisation, or the meployees get access to the weekly online classes of Meditatie Amsterdam. This last option can also be organised just for your employees.

How and when the sessions are planned is up to the company. We make sure they are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced meditators and can be visited independently of each other so occasional absence is no problem.

Practical information:

Frequency: sessions of an hour on a weekly, two weekly or monthly basis (according to the wishes of the organisation)
Day and time: flexible planning possible
Group size: maximum 12 people. If more people want to attend there is a possibility to plan two consecutive hours.
Costs: €4.479,- excluding VAT/BTW for a package of 12 sessions

Looking for one-on-one training or day programs?

Also those we can provide you with. Below you can find out all about them!

Individual meditation sessions

Custom made 1-on-1 meditation sessions with Roel

Sometimes people are mostly working outside of the office or have a preference for individual sessions. I am more than happy to come by for a one-to-one guidance when it suits you best.

Each (hourly) session is composed to the personal goals and is custom made. It contains a part of coaching where we tackle personal challenges in the meditation practice and a practical part in which I will guide the meditation for you.

The sessions can be booked on a separate or regular basis and I am flexible in my planning. Also these sessions are available in Dutch, English or German.

Practical information:

Day and time: flexible planning possible
Location: Your choice so there is no loss of time for you. Within Amsterdam there are no further costs involved, outside Amsterdam we charge travel time and expenses.
Costs: €725- for 5 separate sessions of one hour excluding VAT/BTW

Top end one-on-one guidance

Custom made programs

If you have lots of work and little time and always aim for the optimal results you have to check out our top end offer in which we offer you an intensive one-to-one training. Three times a week, Roel will work with you to achieve an optimal meditation result as fast and effectively as possible.

The program contains face-to-face meditation sessions, multiple online coaching moments and you receive a unique and personal meditation on audio. This exclusive and life-changing product is the tool for those who have the least amount of time and can benefit most of the effects of meditation.

Practical information:

Day and time: three sessions a week and online coaching moments which are flexible in planning
Location: According to your preference so there is no loss of time. Within Amsterdam there are no further costs involved, outside Amsterdam we charge travel time and expenses.
Costs: €7.297- excluding VAT/BTW monthly or €19.797,- excluding VAT/BTW per quarter

Inspiring lectures

Offer your clients or employees an interactive learning moment

Also for business events or as an inspiring moment for the employees, you can consult Meditatie Amsterdam. These practical and interactive lectures are given by founder Roel Wilbers, author of ‘Meditation, your daily mini holiday’. This is possible in Dutch, English or German.

A short indication of subjects is:

  • Personal development through meditation (and why it’s very concrete and down-to-earth)
    A concrete, contemporary and scientific approach
  • Stress, a natural survival mechanism in unnatural circumstances
    How stress became professional disease number 1 and how to restore the balance
  • Increase your productivity, optimal achievements at and outside of work
    Tips, tricks, tools and specific meditation
  • Meditation in top sport, the army and business
    How meditation helps to perform optimally under pressure
  • Screen mania
    Our screens, a blessing or a curse?

Do you have another subject in mind linked to mental peace, productivity or meditation? Let us know and we provide the lecture you request.

Practical information:

Duration: 1 or 2 hours
Location: in-company or at location
Group size: up to 250 people
Costs: €699,- (1 hour) or €999,- (2 hours) excl. VAT/BTW

Recharging for a day

An ideal business getaway with lasting benefits

Do you want to combine the useful with the pleasurable and want more than a workshop? Book a day of mental training for your organisation or department. For one day the participant will consciously work on body and mind through inspiring lectures, meditation, yoga and healthy food. With as a bonus a strengthened team spirit.

This is the perfect interruption of the ratrace in modern society and business and the stress and burn-out it causes. Find inner relaxation in a nice atmosphere and under professional guidance and without phones or computer. And see how it benefits you just doing this for one day.

The completely arranged retreat day is at a location in or outside of the company. An experienced meditation trainer and certificated yoga instructor will compose a program that suits the wishes of the organisation. It is also possible to include business presentations, teambuilding or brainstorm sessions into this day is there is a request for that.

Breakfast and lunch can be arranged and (if requested) can be organic and vegetarian/vegan. The effects of this relaxing and enlightening day of working with health and productivity increasing methods can be experienced until days or even weeks after.

Practical information:

Program retreat day: from 9.00 till 17.00 (flexible)
Location: To be arranged according to your wishes
Group size: starting from 5 people
Costs dependent on location

And last but not least: The book

Learn it at home with clear explanations

The perfect gift for the employee that could use a bit of support, as a surprise or birthday present, or as part of the Christmas box.

It is a practical guide to get acquainted and start with meditation and to experience the positive effects quickly. A benefit for both employee and employer.

Practical information:

Meditatie, je dagelijkse minivakantie book coverHardcover – 188 pages

Language: Dutch

Price: €18,95 including VAT/BTW

Orders for more than 50 copies are with discount

Preventive or for re-integration

Increasing mental calmness, clarity and productivity and more stress resistance are not only useful for the employees doing the work. This training can also be used part of a reintegration process with employees that are unable to work because of stress related problems (excluding mental diseases where medical treatment is necessary, see conditions for participation below).

This is possible in separate groups or among the group that has this training at the office. That it works for all levels is comparable with what happens in the gym. Also there everybody works in the same setting towards their individual goals. It doesn’t matter if that is reintegration or aiming for optimal mental productivity. Meditatie Amsterdam works towards feeling better mentally as well as physically. Something that your employees but also the company will notice inevitably in the business results and data on sick leave and these programs more than repay themselves automatically.

Conditions for participation

Every training of Meditatie Amsterdam is focused on optimising the functioning of the brain and mind so it’s full potential can be reached. The starting point from which we work from is a level of basic mental health. Although meditation is also successfully applied as therapy for mental diseases, our training offer is not suitable for that.

When participants experience stress, fatigue or increased tension in their daily life, this is of course not a problem for participating. When participants are diagnosed with a mental disorder like depression, psychosis, bi-polar or personality disorders, our trainings are not suited for that. We like to support you to find a way that is suited for these people.

After booking a training, there is the possibility of a free of charge cancellation up to a set period before the training starts. This period differs per training, see our terms and conditions for more information.


Book your training now!

We are ready to start working with you when you want!
Are there questions or specific request? Send us an email and we will see how we can adjust our offer optimally to your wishes.
Roel Wilbers Meditation trainer and author of ‘Meditation, your daily mini holiday’

Apply for business meditation


Luigi (46) from Rotterdam

Hotel owner

Roel’s meditation training I experienced as clear, concrete and fully adjusted to the modern times. The practical techniques I received are easy to fit in to the busy life of an entrepreneur. Because you start to function more effectively and need less sleep, I noticed that in the end meditation even gave me more time and energy. I am convinced!

Rachid (40) from Herten

Client Services Director

In his meditation trainings Roel knows how to preserve the power of the centuries old techniques and offers it in a very practical and nowadays way, exactly fitting into how modern business works. With my down-to-earth approach in life I was looking for something practical to apply to maintain balance in my busy career. And I found this here. Meditation increased my productivity and lowered my stress levels. I recommend it, especially in the form Roel offers it. Clear, concrete, practical to apply, also for men in suits.

Maurice (43) from Amsterdam

Sustainable real estate entrepreneur

The meditation sessions with Roel give me the necessary grounding and a boost in energy. Both which I sometimes tend to lose in my often hectic life style. I always enjoy Roels to the point questions and the information and explanations he gives and with this he makes me learn and go deeper every time again. Every time I leave I feel calmer, lighter and with more energy. Roel has an open character and a grounded and soft personality and his meditations are always adjusted and in tune with the moment and the group. I would rate Roels meditation sessions with a A++

Stijn (27) from Den Haag

Project manager

Roel guides you in a practical way into meditation and lets you experience calmness and silence. Through his explanations how to implement meditation in our busy western lives, I managed to make meditation a part of my daily routine and experience and feel the benefits of it every day again.

Niels (40) from Vinkeveen

Physiotherapist and clinic owner

Roel knows how to create a relaxed, safe and open atmosphere during his courses, time after time again. What especially attracts me in his approach is his clear and concrete way of delivering the content and that he supports the information he gives with references to scientific research.

Fraser (43) from Amsterdam

Creative director

Roel’s workshop gave me a concrete understanding of meditation and its benefits. In a relaxed setting with other like-minded people, we were taught the correct methods of meditation, which we could then put to use in our free times or during one of Roel’s meditation evenings. I’d recommend it.

Interested to work with me?

Do you also want to benefit from all the research and experience I gathered for many years to get to the core of meditation and translate it into contemporary, accessible and practical methods to get the best out of yourself? If you would like to work with me, apply now for one of my next activities.
Beginner or more experienced, I am happy to help you on your way towards more inner peace, balance, energy, clarity and freedom of mind, with methods that can have lifechanging effects within weeks. See you soon!

Roel Wilbers – meditation trainer and author of ‘Meditation, your daily mini holiday’