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Experience what meditation can do for you

Privacy Policy

For Meditatie Amsterdam the privacy of all clients is an important topic that we address with highest care. We use personal data only related to our services. Meditatie Amsterdam therefore conforms itself to the rules and regulations set by the AVG/GDPR.

All personal data that is gathered and used by Meditatie Amsterdam, is secured with a password. The online storage of data is only accessible through a private account which is, as well as all the devices used to access this information, are protected with a password and/or fingerprint scan. The amount of devices that has access to the data is limited to what is necessary.

Of the persons that are registered in our mailinglists, we save first name, last name, mail address and city of residence. This applies to the individuals that showed interest in our products and/or requested to be part of our periodic mailings about future activities or releases. The email address is exclusively used for these purposes, communication about appointments, agreements or progress of them and the financial business and payments. They will not be shared with others and saved until the individual requests not to be updated anymore. Everyone has the right to end his or her subscription for the mailing list at all times and under all our group mailings there is an unsubscribe-option available. Also it is possible to express the wish for stopping to receive any mails by mailing to roel@meditatie.amsterdam For all mailings that are sent to multiple people, we use Mailchimp. The storage of your data with them is according to their terms and conditions. Individual mails are sent through gmail and the same applies there.

On the website of Meditatie Amsterdam we ask personal info through the contact form. The request for this data is to allow further communication and deliver the requested information. Also these data are not shared with others. Your name and email address won’t be automatically added to our mailinglists. That only happens after your request to do so. The website of Meditatie Amsterdam also uses cookies, used to improve the website. That happens through Google Analytics. The collected data is anonymous and not linked to your personal information, and more about data like duration of website visit or the pages that are visited most. The information and practical exercises on the website www.meditatie.amsterdam are meant as an indication on how we work. They are chosen with the highest care and placed there with the best intentions. The use and application of the information, without being given in a direct and personal setting, is fully on own responsibility. We don’t accept any responsibility for the results of (dis)use of the information or practical exercises.

Further questions about our privacy policy can be asked by sending an email message to roel@meditatie.amsterdam.