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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

The weekly meditation evening

The offer of meditation in group settings increased over the last years and mainly also outside of Buddhist and spiritual circles. Examples of this are the meditation classes in sport centers and yoga studios. Almost always this is as a guided meditation session.

More than just a guided meditation

Guiding someone into a meditative moment or guiding a meditation session is not very hard. Really teaching someone how to meditate is a step beyond of that and this is what you will get with the weekly interactive meditation lessons here at Meditatie Amsterdam.

Meditation is fairly simple to explain, to practise it is mostly a lot harder. Supporting explanations about the things you can run in to and how to deal with that and the possibility to ask questions to an experienced meditator and trainer, helps you to learn how to meditate quicker and better and to get the optimal results of your practice. Every meditation lesson begins with answering questions if the participants have any and/or explanations about meditation. After that there is a guided group meditation and at the end there is all the time and opportunity to ask questions or share where you ran into during the meditation.

Every lesson again we dive deeper into the backgrounds and practice of meditation and are you provided with practical explanations, tips and specific instructions.

The classes are in small groups so there is enough room for personal attention and they are online so you don’t have to leave your house and can experience the effect of the meditation also afterwards optimally and don’t have to go into traffic and travel to your home. They are freely accessible, both for beginners as more experienced meditators. There are no starting fees, memberships or other obligations attached. The lessons can be visited separately and you can decide every week again if you like to join. Some people join every week, others once a month or less and others a few times in a row and after that not for some time and then attend again. It is all up to you.

The evenings are also great after a mindfulness or meditation course and you can find more continuity and a further deepening of your practice.

Practical information

Day and time: every Thursday evening from 20h30 till 21h30
Location: online, so wherever you want to be
Your investment: €12,50 per lesson per person and a 10-visit card for €111,-. For students: a 5-visit card for €35,-
The cards can also be used for my weekly breathclasses.
Reserving your spot in advance is mandatory.

Just to be sure; the mentioned rates are per person. If you like to attend the class from the same location and screen, the fee is still per person.

Do you want to attend or have any questions?

Send me an email through the contact possibility below to reserve your spot for upcoming Thursday!

If you like to receive a weekly reminder of the meditation evening in your mailbox (of which you can of course easily subscribe every moment again), let me know in your message.

Curious about more meditation training at Meditatie Amsterdam?

Meditatie Amsterdam also offers one-on-one guidance, workshops, retreats and courses. Do you want to find out what there is more? You can find it here:

For companies

Do you have a business and like to give the employees weekly access to the meditation classes, or work somewhere that likes to have this option? Also that’s possible. Contact me through the contact area below for the possibilities of a cooperation and potential easy and low cost try out period.

Meditatie Amsterdam also brings meditation training into companies. Are you curious about our business offer? You can find all about it at by clicking here:


Suzanne (45) from Amsterdam

Teacher & mother

I experienced Roel’s meditation training as very enjoyable. With his clear explanations he knows how to get you to deeper understanding of the matter and it gave me more tranquility, focus and awareness. Now I can get this every moment of the day I feel I need it by simply applying the methods. I recommend his trainings!

Raul (28) from London

Sotware engineer

Roel is an amazing teacher, with a huge knowledge about meditation practice and always welcomes you with a smile. After meditation, we always talk about our own practice, where Roel helps giving some constructive input about it. His classes helped me a lot to understand my own mind and improve self-awareness. His trainings are totally recommendable.

Lotte (24) from Amsterdam

Student Creative Business

Roels meditation classes made me realise all the things meditation can do for you even better. I always suffered from chronic migraines and for 5 years tried everything, but nothing helped. Since I meditate with Roel, I only have it once every few months! I am so happy with this. Now I know that in every moment of the day I can retreat in myself to find peace in the busy daily life. Thanks Roel!

Rachid (40) from Herten

Client Services Director

In his meditation trainings Roel knows how to preserve the power of the centuries old techniques and offers it in a very practical and nowadays way, exactly fitting into how modern business works. With my down-to-earth approach in life I was looking for something practical to apply to maintain balance in my busy career. And I found this here. Meditation increased my productivity and lowered my stress levels. I recommend it, especially in the form Roel offers it. Clear, concrete, practical to apply, also for men in suits.

Pauline (41) from Amsterdam

Public speaker

Roel’s meditation training was a great experience because of his clearly noticeable professional preparation, experience and expertise. Because of my years of meditation experience, training and retreats I can say: “Roel knows what he’s talking about and ‘walks his talk’!” I can recommend everybody that seeks guidance in meditation to go and see Roel!

Robert (31) from Amsterdam

Physio-manual therapist

All Roel’s meditation activities I attended were a very pleasurable mix between background information and practical exercises. I meditate daily for 20 minutes now. I recommend it!

Julia (19) from Amsterdam

Student Medicine

Roel his meditation lessons gave me a new chance to feel mentally well again. After a rough year I lost all my flow and had a little to no self-esteem anymore. Roel gave that back to me and helped me to find peace of mind again. The lessons were very relaxed (as you might hope for haha) and I felt very at ease. In no time I felt better about myself and I know that I can benefit from what I learned for my whole life whenever I need it. Thanks Roel!

Maurice (43) from Amsterdam

Sustainable real estate entrepreneur

The meditation sessions with Roel give me the necessary grounding and a boost in energy. Both which I sometimes tend to lose in my often hectic life style. I always enjoy Roels to the point questions and the information and explanations he gives and with this he makes me learn and go deeper every time again. Every time I leave I feel calmer, lighter and with more energy. Roel has an open character and a grounded and soft personality and his meditations are always adjusted and in tune with the moment and the group. I would rate Roels meditation sessions with a A++

Jessica (33) from Amsterdam

Asset manager

Meditation is something you can learn! With a lot of enthusiasm Roel goes through different meditation related themes and there is always room after the session to share your experiences if you like to. It is a pleasant place, easy to reach and where I met nice people.

Stijn (27) from Den Haag

Project manager

Roel guides you in a practical way into meditation and lets you experience calmness and silence. Through his explanations how to implement meditation in our busy western lives, I managed to make meditation a part of my daily routine and experience and feel the benefits of it every day again.