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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Episode 41: Meditation as the best antidote to stress @ weekly meditation evening

Stress is health problem number one under the working population and organisations and the medical world are still looking for a solution for this ‘mental pandemic’. Curious how meditation can help and might be the best thing available? Find out in this episode of my podcast!

This is a live recording of one of my meditation evenings. If you want to attend one, live or online, let me know by sending me an email at roel@meditatie.amsterdam. Same for if you are interested in one of my workshops about dealing with stress, improving your relationship with your smartphone and sociale media, increasing your mental productivity or learning to meditate.

Episode 39: The process of letting go through meditation @weekly meditation evening

Wanting to let go or detach from certain things, is one of the reasons people seek meditation. Meditation surely helps in the process that things don’t influence you in a negative way anymore, but the question is if ‘letting go’ is what is actually happening. The answer, or at least my view on this, you will learn in this episode of my podcast.

The podcast is a recording of my weekly meditation evening in Amsterdam. If you want to join, make sure to check my website www.meditatie.amsterdam. As always, the start is explanations about the topic, then there is a guided meditation and afterwards you will find the questions and experiences of the ones present. This time a nice group conversation started around the topic, which I think really helps to really understand how the mind works and to deal with it when something is keeping your attention occupied or ‘kidnapped’. That is the reason why this episode is a bit longer than normal.


Episode 34: How meditation can help you in times of Corona @ weekly meditation evening

This episode we talk about how meditation can help you in times of Corona where there are more challenges than normal. Also there is a lot of explanations about what meditation is and isn’t and what th epitfalls are. You will hear before and after the meditation part how the people new in the group to get insights and understanding in how their ideas and concepts around it were not completely right and stood in the way of the practice.

Alsp there is a guided meditation again that relates to the subject of course.

Episode 30: Meditation in modern society and the corporate world

For this episode I was interviewed by a university student about how meditation fits into the corporate world of today, modern society and all the developments there like the increase of stress levels and burn-outs. The interview was recorded pre-Corona but the content became even more applicable since.

We also addresed topics like modern distractions, religion, the digital revolution, how technology has a huge influence on our lives and mental wellbeing and how the future of that might look like.

Because there was so much to talk about, this episode has no guided meditation. But no worries, you can find multiple of them on my website https://meditatie.amsterdam, in English as well as in Dutch.

Episode 27: What time of the day is best to do your meditation? @ weekly meditation evening

Some people meditate in the morning, some in the evening and others don’t have a set time for their meditations. What is best or recommendable? The answer to that you will get in this episode!

In the guided meditation you will learn how to use sounds from your surroundings to benefit your practice instead of it being a distraction.


Episode 24: Get started with meditation

Today’s podcast is a live recording of one of my meditation evenings and today you will find out more about how to get started with meditation, what different kinds of meditations are, what makes meditation different from an exercise and what posture you should meditate in. A lot of useful info to get you started. And if you are more experienced already, a good refresher and maybe some new insights and inspiration!

Of course there also is a guided meditation to experience all of this not only in theory.

Episode 23: Meditation and dealing with emotions

Today we go back a bit to when I had my live meditation evening, which I hope to continue quickly now when things normalise again with the Corona situation. In this meditation evening, we dove deeper into the subject of meditation and emotions. How can practicing meditation help you with handling your emotions better and being less tossed around and taken over by them, is a relevant subject right now, so here it is! And of course, there is a guided meditation accompanying that as well.


Episode 20: Sanity break for parents

This podcast part of my free Corona toolkit, which you can find at https://meditatie.amsterdam/en/covid-19-2/

From what I hear and see around me and experience in my own life right now, these times of physical distancing and till 11. of May the closed schools and childcare, are extra challenging for kids and mainly the parents. Next to their own job, often from home now, they have to manage their beloved mini-version(s) that are home more as well, and if they are a little bit older sometimes also have to help them with their schoolwork.

Because I would love to help all the parents out there, I created a sanity and recharge moment for you as my colleague-parents. In this quick tool for mommy or daddy (or both), I will guide you in ten minutes from overactivity and maybe overwhelm, to more peace of mind and mental space, so you can experience an at least temporary relieve of the the pressure for a bit. 

Good luck and enjoy!

Episode 19: Does it make sense to adjust the type of meditation to how you feel?

Especially in these insecure times, our moods and how we feel can change quickly. And we can select or choose a meditation that specifically fits that every time again. Thats where I built my Corona toolkit for. But is it useful always? That question will be answered in this podcast.

And the guided meditation will let you experiment with how to use different aspects of your attention to aim it at your current mood or state of mind.


Episode 18: Corona extra: Meditation when ill

This podcast is part of my free Corona toolkit, which you can find at https://meditatie.amsterdam/en/covid-19/

This podcast I created for people that have the Corona virus and the meditation is tested and got positive feedback of people that actually went through this and had problems with their lungs and were short of breath. This meditation probably won’t work for everybody but does for many I hope, so I want to share it with you. And if you have feedback, please share it with me so I can improve it. All the best and quick revovery.

If you would like to have this meditation offline, send me a request at roel@meditatie.amsterdam and I will mail it to you. The link to the breathing exercise I mention is this one: https://doorfocusnaarflow.nl/en/practise/. Scroll down until you see ‘Relax Yourself’.

You can also use this meditation for relaxation and if you aren’t ill, or have something else then Corona.