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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Your day of retreat!

Saturday 4. March 2023

Life rushes by at an extremely fast pace and our schedules are in most cases more than full. Just realise how busy modern life is and how we often rush from activity to activity and don’t even take the time to calmly eat a meal.

Also for the moments essential for recovery, such as just waiting somewhere, taking a walk outside (without headphones or a phone in the hand) or sitting with just a cup of tea on the couch, we often have no space left anymore.

A lot of people live in an almost continuous back-to-back of activities and sensory input. The modern human takes hardly any time to relax and often has no idea what relaxation is anymore. Mostly people choose to ‘do’ something, go for more sensory input mainly entertainment through screens. Choose for distraction instead of taking a moment to restore the balance. Even vacations are filled up with doing and consuming as much as possible and aren’t focused on recharging and rebalancing.

When is the last time that you really took time for recovery and recharging? Blocked yourself fully from all distractions and things that interfere with your peace of mind and health? When is the last time you put your phone off for a day or maybe half a day and didn’t look at any screens?

These conditions give a good explanation of why more and more people are faced with sleeping problems, are mentally overstimulated and unable to find peace of mind and even feel stuck in life.

The solution isn’t where we normally look for things like relaxation, balance and happiness: outside ourselves. It is turning inward. Taking a moment to find yourself again and access the calm and peace there. Meditation, yoga and breathwork are perfect tools for that, although a lot of people also in this lose themselves in ‘doing’ them. Also for many people one session is hardly enough anymore to really find the calm and peace they are looking for.

On a retreat the ideal circumstances are created for that real break. To really take time and space to recover and reset. To have a moment and place to really detach from your obligations, countless distractions and immense attraction towards all technology. A multiple day retreat is for many hard to realise or too big of a step. Therefore this day of retreat for you!

What: A gift to yourself in really taking a day off for relaxation and refinding balance

A day just for you, detached from your itinerary and normal surroundings. How does that work?

Well, on this day all is taken care of and all circumstances are present to really distance yourself from all the roles and obligations you have in life and from everything that distracts you to find calm and balance. Here you can fully focus on your own process.

During this day there is a program around meditation and breathwork, in which you will be guided by an experienced instructor. There will also be a lot of silence, so you can really retreat inward and focus on what is happening there.

Where: YogaZentrum Nada

This yoga studio is located at Zuidermolenweg 7 in Amsterdam West. You can park for free and easily reach it by public transport (bus 63 and tram 17 stop closeby).

When: Saturday 4. March 2023

We start at 9h30 and the day ends around 18h00.

It is advisable not to plan anything that evening so the relaxation and balance of the day can really integrate and be taken into the night.

Who: A full day guided by me

Roel Wilbers

During this day it will be me guiding you in your journey to calm and yourself. For the ones that don’t know me yet, my name is Roel. I have organised multiple retreats already (for a day, weekend and week) and host weekly meditation- and breathclasses. Next to the many meditation trainings I gave over the last years, I wrote a book and have a several year running podcast about this subject. I am also a certified breath coach in multiple educations.

More about me as a meditation trainer you can find on this website. For more about me as a breath coach and in general, you can visit www.roelwilbers.nl.

Your investment

The costs for this day of retreat are €135,- per person. This includes the facilities of the location, the whole program and a healthy lunch.

The effect of this mini-retreat shall go beyond only this day. Because a deeper form of relaxation will be reached, which we normally hardly experience anymore, a lot of people experience the effects for days afterwards.

To immerse yourself a day long into meditation, will also deepen your meditation skills and make your future sessions more effective.

See below for the testimonials of people that attended previous retreats.

Want to join? Let me know at roel@meditatie.amsterdam or the contact area below. There is a maximum amount of people that can attend, so make sure you reserve your spot today!


Janna (29) from Amsterdam

Program manager

The one-day meditation retreat was great and left me full of serenity and more space. We did several types of meditations throughout the day, with Roel kindly guiding us along the way. He is a great trainer and can really help you gain new insights and improve your practice.

Reviewer silhouette

Annet (45) from Amsterdam

Fashion industry

Even one and a half week after the retreat day I still cannot grasp how calm I was afterwards and the rest of the week. Also I experienced a lot of energy and all of that I kind of still have. It was a very challenging and pleasant experience that really gave me a boost!

Simone (26) from Zurich

Physiotherapist and dancer

The retreat Roel gave was awesome and gave me many insights. Roel is a teacher that is always willing to answer my numberless questions in dept with countless words and eager. Thanks for all the lessons and insights you gave me!

Sabine (42) from Amsterdam

Yoga teacher

I joined Roel’s meditation retreat. Roel is a great host and all was taken care off into detail and there was a great program for us. The guiding meditations he gave and the topics of the teachings were very clear and inspiring. For the first time I managed to realy experience and feel certain things! Thanks a lot!

Francesca (26) from Zurich

Physiotherapist and yoga instructor

Thanks so much for this great retreat! Roel has this special quality that I love where he can bring laughs and lightness into answering even the hardest questions. I truly loved the process. Thank you Roel for your guidance!

Jessica (33) from Amsterdam

Asset manager

For his retreats Roel collects nice groups of people and that he also puts energy in making a well fitting program and finding a good location, is clearly visable. Roel brought us a variety of meditations during the retreat and because also the meals and all other things were very well taken care of, I could really let everything go during the weekend. Absolutely something to do again!