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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

It’s retreat time!

Retreat means distancing yourself.
Very consciously taking time for yourself and detaching from all the busyness, roles, obligations and patterns you have in your daily life which provides you with peace of mind, clarity, openness and more inner freedom. Are you curious how a long weekend can provide you more mental and physical rest and balance than a week at a beach resort? Sign up for my upcoming retreat!

After this weekend your body as well as your mind will feel more rested and recharged and will enable you to re-enter your life with new inspiration and views.

When and where?

The retreat starts at Friday afternoon the 5th of April (start 17:00u, arrival from 16h00 onwards) and ends Monday morning the 8th of April 2024 (we leave the villa around 10h00). it is of course possible and up to you to leave on Sunday evening as well.

We will stay at a beautiful villa in Enkhuizen, surrounded by nature. All of the luxurious, spacious and light 2-3 person bedrooms, have their own bathroom and have a view on the forest outside where you can make nice strolls in your free time. All this is in around one-and-a-half hours from Amsterdam Central Station by public transport, or 45 minutes by car.

What can you expect?

Peace of mind and inner balance, deepening of your meditation skills and optimising the freedom of your breath!

During the retreat you can enjoy:

  • The peace and calm of a retreat
  • All the conditions to really find yourself again
  • A boost of your energy level
  • Guided meditations
  • A deepening of your meditation practice
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga and yoga nidra
  • Soundbaths with singingbowl sessions
  • Moments and blocks of silence
  • Digital detox
  • Delicious, healthy and plant-based (vegan) meals

And guaranteed more relaxation and resetting than a week at a beach resort.

Lectures and meditations will be in English.

Give yourself this present of relaxation and resetting!

Your investment

Immerse yourself for a weekend in the peace and profoundness of meditation together with me and the other participants.

Costs are € 495,- per person (incl. BTW)

For this you will get the three nights stay at the villa (in a room with private bathroom which you will share with maximum two other people), all meals and lectures and access to all the available facilities.

The only thing you have to arrange yourself is the travel to and from the retreat location.


Did you register but can’t make it after all? Up to three weeks before the start of the retreat you’ll receive a 50% refund. For cancelations after less than two weeks before the start there are no refunds possible.

There is a maximum of 12 spots available so reserve yours quickly!

Do you have any questions or do you want to register?

Let me know today at roel@meditatie.amsterdam or through the contactform below!


Francesca (26) from Zurich

Physiotherapist and yoga instructor

Thanks so much for this great retreat! Roel has this special quality that I love where he can bring laughs and lightness into answering even the hardest questions. I truly loved the process. Thank you Roel for your guidance!

Keef (41) from Amsterdam


Attending Roel’s retreat was the right move in my search for a bit of space from my everyday life. With informative dialogue, a beautiful location, and varied meditation and relaxation techniques, I came away feeling both energized and more importantly refreshed. It was a welcome retreat in to one’s self and one that I would recommend to anyone no matter your mediation experience. Enjoy the silence!

Samanta (35) from Spijkenisse


The retreat was an enriching experience that made me able to look deeper into my inner processes. The keywords for me are transformation, clarity and inspiration. What made this retreat truly unique, was that I managed to break through inner resistance and that it was happening also after I left the safe environment that Roel created. It gave me the tools and insights to continue my journey of self exploration and softened the experience of my own body. I really recommend it!

Jessica (33) from Amsterdam

Asset manager

For his retreats Roel collects nice groups of people and that he also puts energy in making a well fitting program and finding a good location, is clearly visable. Roel brought us a variety of meditations during the retreat and because also the meals and all other things were very well taken care of, I could really let everything go during the weekend. Absolutely something to do again!

Sabine (42) from Amsterdam

Yoga teacher

I joined Roel’s meditation retreat. Roel is a great host and all was taken care off into detail and there was a great program for us. The guiding meditations he gave and the topics of the teachings were very clear and inspiring. For the first time I managed to realy experience and feel certain things! Thanks a lot!

Simone (26) from Zurich

Physiotherapist and dancer

The retreat Roel gave was awesome and gave me many insights. Roel is a teacher that is always willing to answer my numberless questions in dept with countless words and eager. Thanks for all the lessons and insights you gave me!

Malu (41) from Amsterdam

Account manager

My first, and for sure not last, retreat with Roel was a very nice and powerful experience.
I entered without any expectations and really enjoyed the workshops, the people, the talks but also the silence, the surroundings and Roel’s cooking skills. During the three days Roel and the yoga instructor managed to create a very good balance between meditation, relaxation, yoga and chi gong and the breathing sessions.
I am naturally pretty restless on the inside, but am now incorporating the gained knowledge more consciously in daily life.

Monika (43) from Amsterdam

Coach at LaMatu

In the business and hectic of daily life esperiences like this retreat are gold. Roel clearly has a lot of knowledge and experience in different kinds of meditation. He thereby has the talent and calmness and wisdom to deliver this to the group in a beautiful way. It is a unique combination of different methods that lead to deep relaxation, self reflection and contemplation. I recommend everybody to escape reality in this way every now and then so life can be continued again with more insight.

Jeroen (53) from Amsterdam


The weekend retreat with Roel was as a rollercoaster for me: when you are in it you think at certain moments ‘where did I get myself in to’, but afterwards there is an amazing satisfied feeling! With a good program, delicious vegan food, a beautiful location and of course the excellent guidance by Roel this was a present to myself, I experienced and learned a lot and I can really recommend it!

Tom (60) from Amsterdam

Officeworker lease company

A rural location, spacy rooms, a separate room for meditations and yoga and a garden where also sessions take place; in short the perfect place. Also we had great food and there was a well filled program with enough room for time for yourself. The organisation was good and every attendee could fully come to calm and ease.
Are you also someone that wants to retreat from the rat race and is looking for self reflection? Then I recoomend this retreat. It gave me a lot and days after I still feel the underlying calm and rest.

Reviewer silhouette

Annet (45) from Amsterdam

Fashion industry

Even one and a half week after the retreat day I still cannot grasp how calm I was afterwards and the rest of the week. Also I experienced a lot of energy and all of that I kind of still have. It was a very challenging and pleasant experience that really gave me a boost!