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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Meditation on the present moment

Duration: 11 minutes

Our attention is nowadays hardly present with the current moment. Especially during meditation sessions you’ll notice how much activity there is in and around you and how quickly your attention is being drawn towards it and taken over by it. With as a result that spend a large amount of our time in thoughts and distracted from what is actually happening in the actual moment. Our thoughts take us to expectations, anticipations or worries about the future, or memories and the re-living of events in the past. That makes the mind restless and decreases the mental clarity. 

This meditation brings the attention to the present moment and helps you to stay there better. You will notice that the being aware of and in the moment, where you let all that happens be for what it is, quickly leads to calmness, stability and overview.

Meditation for calmness and relaxation

Duration: 23 minutes

Mental relaxation and stress reduction are the most important reasons why people in our society (start to) meditate. Meditation is an excellent tool to relax and is effective as a ‘relaxation paracetamol’ when you need it in that moment, as well as a ‘relaxation vitamine’ when you like to have more structural relaxation in your life. The latter is where meditation is different from relaxation exercises or the most other forms of relaxation. It trains your capacity to relax and after a bit of practice you become more structurally relaxed, instead of needing a new dose of ‘relaxant’ every time again.

Meditation when there are surrounding noises

Duration: 21 minutes

Sounds are always and everywhere present and can influence your meditation in a negative way. But at the same time they are your training material during your meditation and no reason not to meditate when present. 

This meditation helps you not only to deal with noise better when it is present, it even learns you how noises can help you to get into and stay in the meditation better andhow it bothers or distracts you less in your regular life. 

Meditation on your energy level

Duration: 18 minutes

Of all the different things you can use to focus on during your meditation session, energy is one of my personal favorites, find out here that it is all but airy-fairy.

Meditation for on your bicycle

Duration: 15 minutes

Meditatie is mostly done on a meditation pillow, but it’s not restricted to that of course. You can even meditate on your bike. Here a guided meditation for meditation while commuting. This way you can transform your bike ride into training for the mind. Good luck and keep your eyes open during this one. 

Meditation for the bus, tram or train

Duration: 20 minutes

It is possible to meditate everywhere, so also when you are commuting. This meditation is fully aimed on that, so use your time as optimal as possible ans use it to reset and recharge!

Meditation on deeper layers of the mind

Duration: 23 minutes

Our consciousness has multiple layers and most people are only aware of the superficial layers where the ‘every-day-turmoil’ takes place. Because there it is so busy in our lives, it overshadows the deeper layers. Underneath there is calmness and stability though, just like the deeper layers of the ocean are more calm and stable than the superficial ones with the waves. 

This meditation takes you to these deeper layers. It isn’t easy to discover the subtle difference between the layers if you aren’t meditating for some time already and therein have some experience of researching how the mind functions. Therefore this meditation probably isn’t that suitable for beginners and more for the more experienced meditators. The quality of the audio is a bit less than normal, for which my apologies. 

Meditation on accepting things as they are

Duration: 21 minutes

One of the hardest things to do during your session, is to not act, react or judge. Letting things be as they are. This meditation helps you to practise that. If you want to know more about this topic, check out my podcast episode 81 where I dive into this.