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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Episode 19: Does it make sense to adjust the type of meditation to how you feel?

Especially in these insecure times, our moods and how we feel can change quickly. And we can select or choose a meditation that specifically fits that every time again. Thats where I built my Corona toolkit for. But is it useful always? That question will be answered in this podcast.

And the guided meditation will let you experiment with how to use different aspects of your attention to aim it at your current mood or state of mind.


Episode 18: Corona extra: Meditation when ill

This podcast is part of my free Corona toolkit, which you can find at https://meditatie.amsterdam/en/covid-19/

This podcast I created for people that have the Corona virus and the meditation is tested and got positive feedback of people that actually went through this and had problems with their lungs and were short of breath. This meditation probably won’t work for everybody but does for many I hope, so I want to share it with you. And if you have feedback, please share it with me so I can improve it. All the best and quick revovery.

If you would like to have this meditation offline, send me a request at roel@meditatie.amsterdam and I will mail it to you. The link to the breathing exercise I mention is this one: https://doorfocusnaarflow.nl/en/practise/. Scroll down until you see ‘Relax Yourself’.

You can also use this meditation for relaxation and if you aren’t ill, or have something else then Corona. 

Episode 17: How meditation strengthens your immune system

This podcast part of my free Corona toolkit, which you can find at https://meditatie.amsterdam/en/covid-19-2/

In these times I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to have a good functioning immune system. Because if you become ill and how strong the symptoms will be, is influenced by the ‘fitness’ of your immune system. That determines how strong your body is to fight the virus. It is for a reason that mainly the older, sick and weak part of the population, is where it leads for the biggest problems. 

The immune system is our natural protection against diseases and viruses. About how the immune system works, if and why it functions well or not and mainly how meditation can help with that, I will dive into in this podcast. Find out how meditation strengthens the functioning of your immune system and helps you against the covid-19 virus.

In the podcast I mention Wim Hof. If you want to know more about him, here you will find what his message is in this time of Corona https://youtu.be/6zgzLdZg31w, and here you will find his guidance to his  breathing technique; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tybOi4hjZFQ

More about the scientific research about meditation and the immune system, you can find at https://meditatie.amsterdam/en/research/

Episode 16: Work on your parachute (and understand meditation better)

In this new episode of my meditation evening online, I will go deeper into how beneficial it is to do your meditation practise regarding the challenging times that come in everybodies life. Why it is, as Jon Kabat Zinn said it, important to work on your parachute before you need to open it. 

Because it is often more challenging to meditate in restless times and to keep a routine when your daily scedule is different than normal (which probably is the case for a lot of you), of course there also is a guided meditation to help you. Todays meditation will guide you into the presence with what is right now and will go deeper into the effect of meditation and how mindfulness meditation actually works.

Episode 15: Corona extra: how to handle (yourself during) social distancing and isolation

The governement emphasises the importance of social distancing and isolation right now and that can be very challenging. We are so used to being externally focused, that being confronted with your inner world, can be all but easy, especially in these times of restlesness.  

This episode and guided meditation is aimed to help you with that.

Episode 14: Corona extra: regulate your tension or stress and refind your inner balance

In this time where the COVID-19 virus is affecting our lives and state of mind, I want to contribute with some extra meditations to keep your system optimally calm, fitd and engaged. This episode of my regular meditation evening I recorded at home and want to share openly to anybody that might benefit from it.

I hope it helps you as well and wish you all the best.

Episode 13: How meditation can help you against (Corona) virus @ weekly meditation evening

There is a lot of info out there about the corona virus and I am not an expert, a medical specialist or scientist. As a meditation trainer I can add something useful to the topic that is covering the worldwide news right now though and hope to help in reducing the chances of having this, or any form of flu-ish diseases at all.

Meditation can not only help by reducing the stress and worries around the whole situation, it can inm opinion actually help to reduce the chance of being infected. If you want to find out how, check out this episode of my podcast!

The meditation in my podcasts are always directed towards the covered topic. This time it aims to calm the mind and body to reduce stress around the topic and to stimulate the immune system to do it’s job most optimally.