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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

1. Weekly meditation evenings

More and more gyms and yoga centers offer meditation hours. Mostly this is a guided meditation. Giving someone a meditative experience or guiding a meditation isn’t that difficult, teaching someone how to meditate is a step beyond that and that is what the weekly interactive sessions of Meditatie Amsterdam are about. Next to the guided group meditation, there are explanations, practical tips and focused instructions to deepen your meditation practice. Of course there is always the opportunity to ask any question you have.

The evenings are the perfect follow-up on a mindfulness or meditation course. They provide you with continuity and deepening of your practice. They are very accessible and suitable for beginners as well as more experienced meditators. There are no subscription fees, memberships or any other forms of obligations. You can visit each evening separately and can decide per week if you want to come.

The online lessons are in small groups and can also be attended from everywhere in the world. Send an email or click the button below to reserve your spot for the next evening! It is also possible to receive a weekly reminder of the meditation evening (of which you can unsubscribe whenever you want of course). If you would like that, let us know by mail.

2. The workshop

The interactive workshop in meditation gives you an introduction to the world of meditation. You’ll learn what meditation is, why meditation isn’t esoteric or religious, what the (scientifically proven) effects of meditation are, how to start meditating yourself and how it perfectly fits in our modern times and busy lives. Of course we also do the practical part of meditation, so you can directly experience yourself what it can do for you.

Those who have not meditated previously will have a know and feel for the method and you will be able to start to meditate by yourself after the workshop. Everybody who has already meditated gets a fresh new start of their own practice.

3. Meditation sessions one-on-one

Meditating in a group is easier and enhances the effect. Some people have a preference for personal sessions though and those are also available. I am more than happy to stop by for a one-to-one session.

The hourly session will be filled according to your requests. Every session is custom made and includes private coaching in which we tackle your specific challenges. During the practical part we’ll meditate together and I guide the session for you. The sessions can be booked separately or on a more structural basis and I am flexible with my planning. The sessions are possible in Dutch, English or German and live or online.

There are also intensive one-to-one training programs available.
Send us an email to find out what is possible.