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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

7 tips to boost your productivity

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How do you keep up with a society where more and more is demanded of you and burn-outs are around the corner. In your daily life but especially at work. A lot of companies invest in management or competention trainings for their professionals and also in society there is a demand for ‘more’ and ‘faster’. Productive living is a hot item. But how can you be productive most effectively, without being overloaded?


Therefore I offer you 7 tips to achieve that. And an extra important bonus tip…..

1 Restrict yourself to one task

Multitasking is very inefficient. Research shows that people that multitask are less productive, make more mistakes, take longer to complete a task and experience more stress. Your attention work kind of like a flashlight, it can only be at one spot at a time. A lot of switching between tasks costs a lot of energy and therefor you work less efficient. Complete one task first before moving to the next.


2 Make sure you have undistracted worktime

Switching between tasks also takes a lot of concentration and energy. Especially when that occurs through non beneficial distractions. IQ scores seem to drop 10 points when these are taken while the phone on the desk every now and then makes a sound, even when it doesn’t need to be answered. And 10 point is a lot with an IQ test. If you want to work effectively on something, put your phone on flight mode and close the mail and Facebook pages on your computer (or turn of the Wi-Fi if you don’t need it). How less distractive your workplace is, the more your productivity increases.


3 Move

‘Ah, there it is, the usual suspect of living healthy’. A healthy lifestyle is indeed important for a optimal functioning and when your body moves your brain works better. Also this is backed by scientific research. So next time you have a meeting with someone, do it while taking a stroll. That directly helps your body as well. And watch the traffic if you want to apply this for phone meetings. Also take the stairs and go to work by bike to stimulate your body (and brain).


4 Take your breaks

Continue to work behind your desk during your break doesn’t lead to more work done at the end of the day. Not having your break even reduces your productivity and leads to making more mistakes (that you have to fix yourself probably). Everybody probably recognizes that when you return after a short break to the document you have been working on for hours, you directly notice a few linguistic errors that you have been reading over again and again before. Breaks make sure you have a reset and a fresher mind that works more effectively.


| Meditation gives relaxation, balance & freedom


5 Breathe

Don’t restrict yourself to regular breaks, take mini breaks as well to reset the brain every no wand then. Close your eyes, and breathe slowly in and out for five times. It takes maximally half a minute and gives you minutes of time back because you work is more effective with a relaxed and fresh head. Next to relaxation it also makes your organs function better and calms your whole body. Simple but very effective, try it yourself. Do you want a super effective resetmethod that only takes 45 seconds? Click here for the super quick brain reset.


6 Spend less free time behind a screen

The screen doens’t only dominate our work, it does that for our whole life nowadays. In our free time almost every free moment is filled by peeking at a screen and screens make our minds restless. Every time you dive into the digital world you become further distant from the life around you and your inner peace and balance. Reduce where possible your ‘screen-time’, especially before going to sleep because research shows that if you look at a screen the last two hours before going to bed, it influences your sleep negatively.


7 Create mail and phone blocks in your day

Check your mail, social media and other websites maximally a few times a day. Every time you check it in during or in between tasks gives the brain a lot of short distractions and makes the mind restless. Limit it to two to three times a day and experience the peace it gives you.


And as number 8, the bonus and most important one: Meditate!

Meditation brings you past the restlesness of the mind and access to your inner paece, balance, creativity and energy. It brings you real relaxation of the mind, that is bombarded with stimuli all day long. By restoring the balance the brain is capable of more productivity and there is many reseach that supports this.

Meditation even changes the structure of the brain in a way that fits more productivity, even after four to eight weeks already. What meditation can do for you you can find on my website www.meditatie.amsterdam. Are you curious about how meditation works? Keep an eye out for my next blog!

Apply one or more of these tips and you will notice that your productivity will increase rapidly. Also it balances the body and mind.

Roel Wilbers

Meditation trainer and autor of ‘Meditatie, je dagelijkse minivakantie’

More information about meditation you can find here on www.meditatie.amsterdam and our Facebook page

Interested to work with me?

Do you also want to benefit from all the research and experience I gathered for many years to get to the core of meditation and translate it into contemporary, accessible and practical methods to get the best out of yourself? If you would like to work with me, apply now for one of my next activities.
Beginner or more experienced, I am happy to help you on your way towards more inner peace, balance, energy, clarity and freedom of mind, with methods that can have lifechanging effects within weeks. See you soon!

Roel Wilbers – meditation trainer and author of ‘Meditation, your daily mini holiday’