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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Weekly meditation evening

Also my group meditation evenings are cancelled during the period that there are restrictions because of the Corona virus. To help to keep you meditating, I post a new meditation training every Thursday open and for free on this page.

Hope it benefits you!

Meditation evening 12-03: what can meditation do for you regarding the Corona virus?

In this podcast, a recording of my meditation evening of the 12th of March 2020, in which I dive deeper into how meditation can help in these circumstances regarding peace of mind and mainly optimising the functioning of the immune system. Please keep in mind the moment of recording of this podcast, before the first governemental restrictions and before the restlesness was present under the population, and at that moment there wasn’t too much doubt about Corona being a form of flu.

Meditation evening 19-03: support your systeem with calmness and balance

This first edition of the online meditation evening is all about finding peace of mind and working on balance of your system. After some short explanations, I will lead you through a guided meditation. Enjoy.

Meditation evening 26-03: how to handle (yourself during) social distancing and isolation

The governement emphasises the importance of social distancing and isolation right now and that can be very challenging. We are for the most used to being externally focused. To be confronted with your inner world, especially now in times of restlesness, can be all but easy. 

This episode and guided meditation is aimed to help you with that.

Meditation evening 02-04: work on your parachute (and understand meditation better)

In these time it shows how beneficial it is to have your meditation practise, or as Jon Kabat Zinn said it, how important it is to work on your parachute before you need to open it. I will go deeper into this and of course also have a guided meditation for you. Especially now when the potential distractions are bigger and it is often harder to keep a routine with a daily scedule that is different than normal (which probably is the case for a lot of you).

Meditation evening 09-04: how meditation can help you with your immune system

A good functioning immune system is key when you want to stay healthy and survive the virus. About how that works, how to influence it and how meditation can help you with that, you will find out in the podcast episode I created today and that I want to share with you here. And of course the guided meditation is fully aimed at directly impoving the functioning of your immune system.

Meditation evening 16-04: does it make sense to adjust the type of meditation I do to how I feel?

Especially in these insecure times, our moods and how we feel can change quickly. And we can select or choose a meditation that specifically fits that every time again. Thats where I built my Corona toolkit for. But is it useful always? That question will be answered in this podcast.

And the guided meditation will let you experiment with how to use different aspects of your attention to aim it at your current mood or state of mind.

Meditation evening 23-04: the next step; contributing to the bigger picture

In times of crisis the attention often primarily goes to the own survival. Our activated primitive system leads to stress, restlesness and self-centered behaviour. gedrag. It takes a lot of mentale development to move beyond that in the acute phase, especially when the people around you are also stressed. What can be even more contagious than the virus itself. See what happened in supermarkets, where people went to pretty relaxed but came out with more than they planned to buy.

With this panic reaction the least social side of humans can surface, but in these times of crisis you also see the most social side of human arising. A lot of beautiful initiatives emerged. From former IC staff that offered to go back to work till people that help the weak and elderly with shopping, and from people that do big donations for care or research to companies that offer their services for free like my podcasthost Buzzsprout that gave me free space for this initiative. 

Also the view on the positive side effects that every crisis brings along are noticed more. Liek the flurishing of the climat and the people rediscovering nature, the awareness what is really important in life, what are essential professions and less crime and more collective thinking. We realise now more than maybe ever before, how dependant we are of people that work in the food industry, healthcare and childcare. If the virus in it’s rapid spreading showed us one thing, it is how interconnected we are. And this interconnectedness is also the force behind the extermination of it. Just like with other big issues like climat and economic crisises, the solution is in working together and all contributing to the bigger cause.

When more overview and peace of mind occurs, where the first meditations in this toolkit were mainly aimed at, the comes also more attention for the world around you. Is there more space for ‘we’ instead of just personal survival, and more the urge to contribute to the greater cause. You don’t have to be ashamed if you over shopped or didn’t apply as a volunteer. Your insight and focus can shift every moment. You only have to approach your fellow citizen as you possibly having the virus instead of the other one can potentially infect you, and yoru interaction will change completely. 

To keep the view on the bigger picture is important now. As a solution but also to prevent a fallback. Because where time brings overview and more peace of mind, the longer the restrictions are maintained also can lead to new restlesness and selfcentered behaviour. Focus on compassion is a good step forward, for your fellow human beings but also for yourself. And with meditation you can even in isolation contribute to the bigger process. How that works, I will explain in this audio.

Meditation evening 30-04: What is your goal for meditating? (in Dutch)

Meditatie heeft zeer veel en uiteenlopende positieve effecten, wat al tientallen eeuwen blijkt uit de praktijk en ook bevestigd wordt door modern wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Wat is jouw doel om te mediteren? Wat is het dat jij hoopt te verkrijgen door jezelf mentaal te trainen met meditatie? Helderheid hierover hebben heeft een aantal voordelen en daarover gaat deze aflevering van de podcast vandaag.

Meditation evening 07-05: How meditation can help you in dealing with your emotions

Today we go back a bit to when I had my live meditation evening, which I hope to continue quickly now when things normalise again with the Corona situation. In this meditation evening, we dove deeper into the subject of meditation and emotions. How can practicing meditation help you with handling your emotions better and being less tossed around and taken over by them, is a relevant subject right now, so here it is! And of course, there is a guided meditation accompanying that as well.


Meditation evening 14-05: ‘Social distancing’ towards our internal processes (in Dutch)

This period of Corona is about social distancing. A nice metaphore for what we learn in meditation towards our thoughts and emotions. Not to supress or avoid them, but to be better able to observe and understand them. More about that and a meditation aimed at that in this podcast.

Meditation evening 21-05: Get started with meditation

Today a live recording of one of my meditation evenings and one in which you will find out more about how to get started with meditation, what different kinds of meditations are, what makes meditation different from an exercise and what posture you should meditate in. A lot of useful info to get you started. And if you are more experienced already, a good refresher and maybe some new insights and inspiration!

Of course there also is a guided meditation to experience all of this not only in theory.

From 04/06 there we start again with our live meditation evenings! If you want to register, let me know at roel@meditatie.amsterdam and/or see my announcements at Instagram (where you can find me under Meditatie.Amsterdam)