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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Meditation on deeper layers of the mind

Duration: 23 minutes

Our consciousness has multiple layers and most people are only aware of the superficial layers where the ‘every-day-turmoil’ takes place. Because there it is so busy in our lives, it overshadows the deeper layers. Underneath there is calmness and stability though, just like the deeper layers of the ocean are more calm and stable than the superficial ones with the waves. 

This meditation takes you to these deeper layers. It isn’t easy to discover the subtle difference between the layers if you aren’t meditating for some time already and therein have some experience of researching how the mind functions. Therefore this meditation probably isn’t that suitable for beginners and more for the more experienced meditators. The quality of the audio is a bit less than normal, for which my apologies.