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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Increase your mental productivity

The need for an optimal functioning mind is bigger than ever. At the same time we are mentally more overstimulated and stressed than ever before, which decreases our mental productivity. With students 29% complaints about problems to concentrate (source) and 25% uses, without prescription of a doctor, Ritalin or another ADHD-drug to be able to concentrate better (source).

Without mental productivity and a clear and relaxed mind it is impossible to achieve good study and work results. Learn now how to get an optimal functioning brain!

Learning to meditate

Meditation isn’t airy-fairy or exotic anymore for some time now. It is well implemented in our society and there is a lot of scientific research that backs its positive effects.

There is a reason why the top of the business world (like Steve Jobs before), top athletes (like Novak Djokovic) and even elite units of the army use it to come to more mental clarity and optimal performances under pressure.

Curious about what meditation can do for you? You will find out in this workshop!

Dealing with your smartphone

Screens and mostly smartphones fill up a big part of the day, especially for young people. They can be helpful but also lead to many health problems. De data for social media alone are very indicating: of the 18-29 olds around 9% daily spends more than 5 hours at it and 29% 3 to 5 hours a day. Around 30% sees themselves as addicted (source).

Do you become restless when you temporarily don’t have access to your smartphone? Time to improve your relationship with it and in this workshop you get the answers how to regain control.

Dealing with stress

Stress isn’t just professional disease number one, also under students it’s an important challenge. The effects are widely present; 25% of students have burn-out complaints (source), 35% a heightened risk for burn-out (source) and 75% says to be often or very often emotionally exhausted (source). The other stress related problems not even mentioned.

How to deal with stress and to avoid mental overstimulation? How to lower your stress and increase your stress resistance? This workshop answers these questions and more.