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Every day a mini holiday gives mental peace and balance

Experience what meditation can do for you

Meditation: the tool for mental balance and fitness!


Welcome on this website with all about
what meditation is and can do for you!
You will find a lot of explanations, audio’s
and video’s, scientific references, my book,
my podcast and meditation training
for you and your organisation.


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Do you have a calm and balanced life?

For most of us, this is not the case.

Our modern society is challenging. There is more physical safety and comfort than ever before, but there are also more mental stimuli and challenges. We hardly get any breaks and are confronted with chronic stress, what in nature doesn’t exist and our system doesn’t recognise. A lot of people nowadays are confronted with overstimulation, depression and burn-outs.

The problems in mental healthcare confirm we are getting more and more out of balance. Drawn away from where we can find calm and balance structurally. Essential conditions for functioning optimally, performing and being happy.

The modern human seeks for solutions for their problems in the same place where they arose from though; in the fast paced, demanding and for our system unnatural world around us. An external world where you will never find peace and control, no matter how much you consume or distract yourself through screens.

The short seeming relieve it brings, feeds the underlying problem even more and often leads to addictions.

Fatigue, sleep problems, inability to find calmness, irritability, health problems, negative emotions and feelings (the internal indicators we are making the wrong choices), over stimulation, being tempered, short attention span and no mental clarity, became more or less normal. With as a result a decrease of health, creativity and productivity and losing track of personal priorities and choosing things that disrupt our balance.

Old wisdom in a modern package

Meditation benefits the contemporary human being probably more than in any time in our history ever before. It restores the inner balance and is therefore effective against all before mentioned problems we face. Something that people already knew for many centuries and where the effectiviness and often quick results are nowadays also confirmed by modern scientific research.

It is therefore that meditation training plays an important role in the highest levels of the business world, toplevel sports and elite military units. From Steve Jobs to Richard Branson, from Google to SAP, from Kobe Bryant to Novak Djokovic and from Erling Haaland to the Mercedes F1-team, all practise meditation to get to optimal performance levels. Even medicine embraced meditation as an effective form of therapy. There is simply nothing more effective out there to get into a top mental shape.

Concrete, contemporary and backed up by science

Meditatie Amsterdam gives you a clear and concrete access to thise century old wisdom and always in an accesible and contemproray way. To lead someone into a meditative experience isn’t very difficult. To really teach someone to meditate is something different though. Here at Meditatie Amsterdam you are assured of an experienced trainer in both theoretical background as well as own personal meditation experience.

Also if you already meditate or did a mindfulness course and you are looking for something to follow that up or deepen your practice, you are at the right place with us. Hundreds of people were here before you and what they experienced, you can find at the testimonials.

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Suzanne (45) from Amsterdam

Teacher & mother

I experienced Roel’s meditation training as very enjoyable. With his clear explanations he knows how to get you to deeper understanding of the matter and it gave me more tranquility, focus and awareness. Now I can get this every moment of the day I feel I need it by simply applying the methods. I recommend his trainings!

Luigi (46) from Rotterdam

Hotel owner

Roel’s meditation training I experienced as clear, concrete and fully adjusted to the modern times. The practical techniques I received are easy to fit in to the busy life of an entrepreneur. Because you start to function more effectively and need less sleep, I noticed that in the end meditation even gave me more time and energy. I am convinced!

Simone (25) from Zurich

Physiotherapist and dancer

A workshop with Roel is not just learning about meditation, he gives you the tools to practically implementing what you learn in your life. After my first workshop my life looked different than before and it still looks different now. He has a unique way of teaching and explaining, very clear, easy to grab and approachable for the most different kind of people.

Raul (28) from London

Sotware engineer

Roel is an amazing teacher, with a huge knowledge about meditation practice and always welcomes you with a smile. After meditation, we always talk about our own practice, where Roel helps giving some constructive input about it. His classes helped me a lot to understand my own mind and improve self-awareness. His trainings are totally recommendable.

Julia (19) from Amsterdam

Student Medicine

Roel his meditation lessons gave me a new chance to feel mentally well again. After a rough year I lost all my flow and had a little to no self-esteem anymore. Roel gave that back to me and helped me to find peace of mind again. The lessons were very relaxed (as you might hope for haha) and I felt very at ease. In no time I felt better about myself and I know that I can benefit from what I learned for my whole life whenever I need it. Thanks Roel!

Robert (31) from Amsterdam

Physio-manual therapist

All Roel’s meditation activities I attended were a very pleasurable mix between background information and practical exercises. I meditate daily for 20 minutes now. I recommend it!

Meditation to improve profits in your organisation

Google, Apple, SAP, Sony, Intel and Twitter. The list is long and all offer their employees meditation within the company. More and more top executives find through meditation an increase in productivity, creativity and stress resistance and reduced sick leave. What shows itself in the business results and the team spirit.


Meditation training makes an organisation healthier and more productive.

Discover how also you can implement meditation easily, accessible and cost friendly and how our offer fits perfectly in the modern business world.

Request your free workshop for your HR team today!

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workshop for your HR team!

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Discover what meditation can do for you!

Do you want to:

  • learn what meditation in essence really is and where it is frequently different from the more mainstream approach that is often also called meditation?
  • take the next step towards more mental calm and balance, more clarity and productivity and more energy and health?
  • know more about how your own system and mind actually function and how to work with them?
  • find inside yourself the access to all the effects and where and whenever you like to?
  • have more control and overview over yourself, life and what you internally really want in your life?
  • experience yourself how these centuries old methods maybe more than ever can help you to find balance and train yourself mentally?

We love to take you there! Meditatie Amsterdam was even founded because of the personal experience of these priceless effects and you will for sure experience our passion and enthusiasm about this topic.

On this website you can find a lot of free info through text, video’s and audio’s to help you with your own meditation practice.

Are you looking for some personal guidance or the quickest route to results? You will here also find the book Meditation, your daily mini holiday and the trainings we offer. There are weekly meditation evenings, workshops, other trainings and retreats.

More about meditation

Listen here to an audio of a meditation

Do you want to experience yourself what meditation can do for you?
Listen here to a guided meditation and a preview of my trainings.
And directly take a mini holiday during your day!

Listen to the meditation